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HIND GYPSUM PRODUCTS has been promoted by the people having vast knowledge in the field of Gypsum Plaster. At the helm of affairs, there are people who are very well experienced in the application of Gypsum Plaster. They have been dealing in Building Construction Materials since 1975 and specifically in Gypsum Plasters for last 15 years. As such they have sufficient knowledge of the needs of construction industry and are capable to fulfil the customers' requirements.

HIND GYPSUM DIRECT COAT plaster is a premixed plaster made from calcium sulphate hemihydrates. In order to improve quality, additives have been added.

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  • Formulated to suit Indian Conditions
  • The purity provides a very high level of strength, strong and wonderful surface finish
  • The low density ensures higher coverage and, as such, quite a good saving cost
  • Easy to mix and supply
  • No water curing required
  • Free from shrinakge cracks
  • Low thermal conductivity and so obstructs flow of heat.
  • Quick drying. So ready for painting within 48 hours on complete drying
  • Better sound absorption
  • It is a substitute for sand cement plaster + POP