Properties and Advantages

  • Infinite Life: The composition of Crytal Gypsum Plaster does not undergo any change even after thousands of years. The same is proved by the costruction of Cheops Pyramida. It does not contain any dangerous chlorides.
  • Insulation Quality: Crystal Gypsum plasters has low conductivity and very good thermal properties. These insulation properties result in saving power and energy.
  • High Tensile Strength: Crystal Gypsum plasters show high tensile and flexural strength
  • Antifungus & Non-Toxic: Crystal Gypsum plasters do not nourish mould growth or fungi or insects. They are safe and gentle on skin.
  • No curing required: Crystal Gypsum plasters do not require any curing. They should be allowed to dry as early as possible.
  • Non Combustible : This non-combustible property of Crystal Gypsum plaster inhibits fire.
  • Bonding Properties : Crystal Gypsum plasters has excellent bonding properties and as such are applied in a single coat.
  • Maintenance : No maintenance is required after application of plaster.
  • Advantages of using Crystal Gypsum Plaster

    1. It is not a ready mix plaster. Mixture of sand and cement to be mixed at sites in different ratios i.e. a difficult process to monitor the right mix. Specially formulated ready mix plaster. Mixture of Calcium Sulphate, Exfoliated vermiculities / perlites & addities.
    2. Sand is used as an aggregate. Exfoliated vermiculities act as aggregate which help to achieve better coverage and good thermal insulation.
    3. After sand cement plaster, POP punning is required for better surface finish. Substitutes 2 applications:
    1.Cement Plaster 2. POP Punning.
    Provides better smooth surface finish just in one application.
    4. Pre-curing and Post-curing is necessary. No post curing is required, thus saves time and water.
    5. Setting time varies from 60-120 minutes. Graduated setting time to enhance easy workability.
    6. Development of shrinkage cracks are quite frequent No shrinkage cracks. Once set, it provides crack free smooth surface.
    7. It leaves water patch marks behind No patch marks is obtained once it is set and dry.
    8. High Percentage of wastage during application Nominal wastage during application
    9. Rough finished surface is obtained. Very Smooth fine finished surface is obtained.
    10. Difficult to achieve different forms of decoration Easy and suitable for any type of decoration.
    11. Reflects sound Absorbs sound
    12. Too much time consuming. Time saving process.